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Fox Stevenson Turns Back Time And Opens Up About Music In Exclusive Interview

Taken By Connor Johnson

Following the release of his ecstatic ‘For Fox Sake’ EP, Fox Stevenson finds himself touring with former studio mate Ookay.  On this Wow! Cool! Tour, Fox would travel across the states to showcase his iconic blend of pop, drum n’ bass, and dubstep. The bass music assailant has been known to showcase a diverse style of production as he plans on leaving a mark with his musical career. We had the honor of meeting up with Stanley himself and here’s how it went.

Fox Stevenson

What was your first experience with Electronic Music? Video Games, Movies, Friends?

“I think, I heard Outer Space by The Prodigy at some point. I think eventually that fueled me into drum and bass. Ahead of that, I use to be a break-dancer, really young. I was super into break-beat’s because of it. What truly got me into Dance Music was Hold Your Colour by Pendulum.” -Fox 

Is it true that you first dabbled in making music because of the PlayStation?

“Yup. It was a game called Music 2000. It was really fucking cool.” -Fox

Wow, that’s a lot of years under your belt and it could have only led to such experimentation.

“-Yeah it does, I think a lot of guys have got good technical chops. Im not bagging on anyone I’ve been doing this for a while and I feel like a lot of people are chasing a sound instead of chasing themselves, whereas i’m trying to make a statement with a track. ” -Fox

You started off a lead vocalist/bassist in a pop-punk band can you tell us anything about that experience?

”Yeah that’s where I picked up songwriting. Originally I started playing bass on band trips for school. Funny enough, I lived a double-life i was in a band and was also producing. It was somewhat turning into a hybrid dance-punk rock band crazy semi-prodigy band. Eventually producing started taking off but that’s a sound I definitely want to revisit in the future.” -Fox

It’s interesting to see that especially with the way live performances are now being incorporated into this DJ culture, will we see a Live Fox Stevenson show in the near future or is that something you’ve been thinking about?

”I don’t think you’re gonna see a Live Fox Stevenson show but you’ll see something. My dream is to be able to play a band venue and perform then do an afterparty and dj at a club. I want it done proper.” -Fox

You’re one artist in my opinion who’s made it apparent just how musically diverse you can be. You’ve made House, Drum N’ Bass, Dubstep, and you just recently produced K-Pop for the group Twice. Which is a huge deal in the K-Pop sphere. What inspires you to be so creative in all realms of the music world?

”Get busy living or get busy dying. I don’t see how people can be content doing the same thing. A lot of people aren’t honest with themselves. A lot of egos take into play like ‘oh yeah that song was sick, im fucking sick. no-one is sick, no one’s as good as they can be’. I have an appreciation for K-Pop.” -Fox

How did the instrumental for Rollin’ come about and was K-Pop something you’ve always wanted to get into?

”I had some shows in korea, one of my managers is korean and he use to intern for one of the bigger companies over there and now i’ve got my foot in the door. They put me in a studio with a guy called Ear Attack and he’s got like seven number one hits. It was like being put into a studio with the Max Martin of K-pop. I made it with him and it happened. Might be some more on the way.” -Fox

So much music has come in and out of your mind, but most importantly, For Fox Sake EP has finally seen the light of day. What has been the fan response to that project so far?

”Mixed. I like to have a spectrum with my music. The response was ‘this is gonna go off on the dancefloor’ but I want my stuff to be something people want to listen to at home..and work on the dancefloor.” -Fox

Were there any specific influences on this EP? 

”I Miss You’, i wanted to make a melodic riddim tune. I like the vocals, they were originally a part of my old band but it wasn’t good enough versus how the track came out on the EP.” -Fox

What statement did you want to make with this showcase of 4 tracks?

”I didn’t really think about it, I wanted to show that I can make heavy material. Gunshot sonata is about the heaviest i’ll go. I like to make songs more, it’s more stimulating for me.” -Fox

You’ve had nothing but an incredible year, arguably one of the highlights being the release of ‘Lighthouse’ with Ookay. Can you describe your relationship with Abe and how the collaboration came about?

”Yeah so in January I was on a mini-tour and I had met him at Space Yacht for b2b madness. I had his number and I texted him ‘hey i’ve got this thing, wanna work on it?’. He came over we practically made it in a whole day, had some hot chocolate and tacos.” -Fox

Correct me if I’m wrong, I cant tell who sings on that track, is it you or Ookay?

 ”The was the plan, we wanted our own fans to think it was us. It’s both of us mashed on top of each other. He sent me the vocals and I had to match his, it was kind of weird.” -Fox

The track really is best described as the collaboration we didn’t know we needed until it was released. Are there any producers out there people wouldn’t expect you to work with that you secretly would love to hit the studio with?

 ”Adam Duritz from Counting Crows.” -Fox

You’ve got a bright future ahead of you, any last words for your supporters?

”There is some big stuff on the horizon. I’ve been working really hard for two years and now’s the time to really make a push.” -Fox

Would like to thank Fox for taking the time to sit with us and chat, nonetheless, it was an amazing time. On behalf of Trapstyle we heavily recommend you keep an eye out for this UK superstar on the rise. Fox Stevenson is a name that will garner huge traction in the coming years as he is finally ready to show off his true potential.