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Troyboi On Fire With ‘Focus’ & ‘Never Give Up’!

After releasing his album “Left is Right“, UK bass lord Troyboi has been heating up the internet feeds once again with freshly blazing beats. Following his most recent release “Creeper“, Troyboi has dropped not one, but TWO new tracks in the form of ‘Focus (ft. Outlaw)‘ and ‘Never Give Up’.

Focus” is a wild ride of a track; reminiscent of some early AM vibes in an underground, deep, rocking Boiler Room session. By the second half the track, the feel morphs into the moment when the show is over and you step outside to be greeted with the loving warmth of the morning sun, before drunkenly stumbling to the closest 24 hour ramen spot.
Focus” has a deep UK grime vibe, driven by the aggressive, raw vocals from Outlaw and riding an immersively bouncy beat. As the beat switches up it is taken in a completely new direction with the introduction of these super sweet keys & saxophone riffs that play really nicely with the smooth r&b vocal samples peppered throughout the track. Balanced with the bubbly bassline and snappy percussive hits, this all culminates in a nostalgic ’90’s retro remix’ vibe that’s funky and fresh.

This is seriously such a banging beat and shouldn’t be slept on.

Not content with leaving on that note, Troyboi comes at us again with “Never Give Up”; a package that comes with Troyboi’s signature knocking drums and choppy, pitched out vocal hooks cloaked in hypnotizing synth melodies. This track is the quintessential dirty Troyboi beat, filled with the aggressive attitude and unique style that he has cultivated over the years.

Troyboi has had an incredible year in 2017, with an album release, international tours and consistently releasing solid music in between. All of Troyboi’s tracks are a showcase of his unique, and recognizable sound that has been pushing the envelope in the hip hop, trap and bass scenes for years.

Listen to ‘Focus’ ft Outlaw:

Listen to ‘Never Give Up’:

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