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Modestep Makes Their Debut On Monstercat With “Higher”

Monstercat has seen significant growth in the past year or so. The label has maintained fan-favorite artists like Pegboard Nerds, Stonebank, and Grabbitz while adding some of the bigger names in EDM to its ranks like Kill the Noise, Wolfgang Gartner, and now Modestep. Modestep makes a strong first impression on the label with “Higher”. The group first played the track at Jagermeister’s Ice Cold Gig of 2017, suspended 6500 feet in the air.

Tom McShane

Such a performance is certainly no minor feat. The show took place at Cecil Peak in New Zealand, a location accessible only by helicopter. Playing at subzero temperatures in itself is an incredible task, but Modestep went the extra mile with the height. Undoubtedly, there couldn’t have been a more appropriate time and place to unveil a single titled “Higher.”

The song begins with future bass-like synth chords and vocals from Josh Friend. After a smooth, measured first verse, the track breaks out into a powerful dubstep drop. The second verse comes in with more of the calmness and good feelings of the first, which is starkly contrasted by the forceful drop’s reprise. It closes with synth chords similar to the ones it began with, followed by a few seconds of silence at the end.

Modestep is already taking steps further for the release with a remix competition already underway. The group continues to push boundaries, musically and physically, but we look forward to hearing “Higher” on steady ground. Listen below:

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