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Tchami & Malaa Seek No Redemption On Mini-Tour

The current kings of house music, Tchami & Malaa, are joining efforts for their epic, 11-stop, North American
tour “No Redemption”. The duo is stopping throughout the United States bringing the hottest and latest tracks that Tchami’s label “No Confessions” has to offer. Some of the stops including New York are a must-see, since their last visit to New York for Electric Zoo 2017, had both artists playing at the same time but on different stages. Now, they are providing a back to back set with the iconic Tchami church visuals, and hard-hitting tracks from both artists in their arsenal. To drive the hype home, Tchami and Malaa have been releasing tracks such as “Summer 99” and “The Sermon” prior to the beginning of the tour.

For any house fan, this tour is a must see. Tchami and Malaa have been well-known names within the house genre for quite some time. Malaa made his staple with his break out classics “Notorious” and Tchami has just released his 2017 EP “Revelations” which has been a wide success; bringing you tracks like “Adieu” and “Don’t let me down”. Malaa is no stranger with headlining tours, as last year he went on a tour with breakout artist “Rezz” for their “Lunatic Tour”, but different compared to this. “No Redemption” has been well thought out and planned to make this your “not so average” show. This has been a combo house fans all around have been waiting for due to how deadly the artist is alone.

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