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Bandlez Remix Aryay’s “Always Wanted You” is a Banger

Philly duo, Bandlez are known for their heavy dub and trap sounds. Tracks like “Boss Boiz”, and their remix of Tisoki’s “Haunted By You.” These two have a fresh taste and sound and you can tell they bring so much energy into their music. Their most recent The Heist EP, released on Firepower records is absolutely phenomenal; “Run That Shit,” “Keep It Trill,” and “The Anthem”, are some bangers off The Heist.  Anything they put out will make you want to shake it and break it.

A few days ago they released their latest piece, a remix of Aryay’s “Always Wanted You;”a NEST HQ Premiere.  Bandlez added their own flavor and put a spicy twist on the already killer track; giving it a nice new feel.  It starts off super chill, getting you right in the feels and easing you into what’s next. All those click-clacks and booty shaking sounds will have you getting down with your bad self.  Bandlez absolutely slew this remix, and the best part is, you can download it for free!  Who doesn’t like a free banger to add to their tunes?

Make sure you go over and show “Always Wanted You” some love, and hit that download button.  We promise you will want to slap this remix at full volume.

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