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Galantis Releases Video For “Tell Me You Love Me”

Grammy-nominated duo Galantis and solo artist Throttle have released the video for their collaborative track “Tell Me You Love Me”. The Track hails from the duo’s latest album “The Aviary”.  The video includes solo dancers with moving art that flows with their movements. The aesthetic is uplifting and fits perfectly with the upbeat positive and dancey vibe of the music.

When asked about the video Galantis says, “‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is continuing what we started with ‘Peanut Butter Jelly’ and ‘Love On Me’…the trilogy ends with ‘Tell Me You Love Me.’ It’s a full-on, Motown-sprinkled, Jackson 5 banger.”

The video complements the record so well. An outstanding job done by the creative team behind this production, the choreography and sound go hand in hand. The uplifting mood the single is known for transporting into our minds is heavily infectious. The setting of the video will immediately put you in a dancing mood as the duo continues to see success with their amazing style of house music.

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