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Howwler Goes Dark With Chapter Two EP

Howwler is a name people really need to keep an eye out for; especially those who love that dark, electronic sound.  After the release of Howwler’s first EP, he signed with Paradigm Booking Agency in the US, alongside names like Rezz and A-Trak.  His sounds make us feel like we should be at an underground warehouse party; losing ourselves in some deep techno vibes. It’s pretty crazy that it took just one EP to swoop Howwler up, but after listening to his music it makes absolute sense.  The few releases he has highlight that without a doubt.  He released Chapter One 2 months ago, with the tracks “Midnight” and “Signs & Wonders,” both very impressive tracks.  “Midnight” reminded us of something Rezz would create.  This might be a new name to some people, but Howwler is definitely one that is going to blow up very soon.

Today, he drops Chapter Two, consisting of two tracks, “The Vault” and “One Mode.”  Both tracks are very well crafted, almost having a Boys Noize and Gesaffelstein sound.  Chapter Two is incredibly put together, especially for consisting of only two tracks.  It is true what they say, it’s not about quantity, but quality, and believe us when we say this is some quality music.  We recommend everyone give Howwler a listen, especially all you dark, vibey, techno kids. There is new music being released right and left constantly in the world; so finding something new is always such an awesome feat.  Howwler brings something classic to the table; while giving those old school dark vibes a new fresh twist.

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