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Hi I’m Ghost “Spooky Riddim” Is Super Spicy (AND FREE)

Hi I’m Ghost, the duo from Los Angeles know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to making dirty bass music.  Their recent EP, that dropped last month on Firepower, is the perfect way to highlight these guys skills.  On top of that, they have tracks released on Riddim Network and NEST HQ, as well as a mix on The Growing Posse with Sluggo (that absolutely bangs). To top that all off they recently collaborated with a very well respected and incredibly heavy hitter in the Dubstep scene; Code: Pandorum

Their most recent release via Riddim Network Sponsor,“Spooky Riddim,” will have you doing all the weird riddim dances.  The track is absolutely impeccable from beginning to end, the structure of the production is executed so perfectly. They really have something special with their sounds. Nathan and Tiago continue to outdo themselves in everything they do; every track they drop shows us more and more that Hi I’m Ghost is here to do some damage. Hi I’m Ghost continue to release incredible tracks; ones that prove these two are ready to make a mark in the music scene.  They have already gained recognition from lots of other producers, as well as countless others who they have turned into fans.  Hi I’m Ghost is a name we have a feeling we’ll be hearing for a very long time.

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