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Artist Spotlight: LUZCID Chats With Trapstyle

Today in our Artist Spotlight we have the pleasure of interviewing none other than the bass phenom LUZCID once again! If you are unfamiliar, Neil Berry, LUZCID, has grabbed the attention of many with his unorthodox sound design. He breaks all of the rules with every track and has worked with talent like Bassnectar, Holly, and Jameston Thieves. In this interview, we ask him what his favorite libation is, where he derives his inspiration, and ask about his plans for 2018! Sit back, relax, drop in, drop out, and get LUZCID.

You’ve had a busy year, full of releases including Liquid Lightning, Your EP HYPNAGOGIA as well as a couple remixes. How long do you usually find yourself working on a project?  

     It really depends on the project. Sometimes ideas come out perfect the first time and just flow and other times I set things aside and visit them later with a completely new and different approach. If I had to give an estimate I would say, when I am not on tour, I write one song a week. –LUZCID

How did you learn to produce music?

I am self taught with no formal musical schooling. My learning experience was years of taking knowledge and tips from different musicians.  There are definitely a few artists who have taught me things that were “breakthroughs” during my learning process.  My first source for knowledge is the material iLL Gates provided on his youtube channel , back in like 2009-2011. He again helped me in 2016 immensely by critiquing my entire “Levitate” EP. It was a huge leap for my mixdown’s and is the reason things got way crispier in 2017 haha. Also a lot of recent engineering / mixing knowledge has come from artist “PROKO”.  This man knows his sound!!! One reason the “Hypnagogia EP” sounds so much better then my previous EPs is because of PROKO’s influence and knowledge. –LUZCID

What do you do in your free time?

I really enjoy being active and outdoors. Anything that has a meditative nature. I feel like its so easy to get caught up in work and rushing from task to task. I like to attempt to quiet that and relax while being active and doing something I love. I also enjoy gardening, although moving to Texas from New York has made this a learning process and we did not have much success this year haha. Also, I started taking Wing Chun martial arts classes with my girlfriend two months ago and this has been a huge help to my overall happiness and productivity. Not that I was unhappy and lazy before, I just feel “charged” from going to class. I love the mind<->body connection that martial arts / yoga / sports create. -LUZCID

Coming back to your newest track Liquid Lightning released under Circus Records, what were you feeling or thinking while you made it? To me, it feels playful, dark, with slightly ominous undertones.

Playful, dark and ominous are a pretty solid description of my music in general. I’d say you nailed it haha. When I wrote this I was very inspired by Ganja White Night and that OG dubstep sound with a new twist. Kinda minimal but super bouncy with addictive melodies. -LUZCID

What do you think about your budding relationship with Circus Records? Are you planning on collaborations with other artists under the label or releasing more singles with them?

    Circus Records has always been a huge influence on my musical experience. I’ve been listening to their records even before I started producing and have continued throughout my entire career. I feel very humbled to see this come full circle and to have the opportunity to work with Circus. Definitely expect more LUZCID + Circus Records in 2018 ;). -LUZCID

Where do you derive your inspiration?

   I have always enjoyed a good story. I am a fan of video games, sci-fi, anime. Anything that is seemingly impossible to experience in this life but is given its own life through art and imagination. To quote Game of Thrones written George R.R. Martin “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”  I try to approach my music with this in mind and to tell a story. -LUZCID

With the tragic hurricane that hit Houston this year, did you or your family get affected? Is everyone okay?

   My whole family is thankfully O.K. I was actually away on tour during all of this and missed it entirely. However the after effects are still very apparent and will be for some time. Definitely makes me very grateful for my comfort. Never squander being in a good living situation because as we have all seen, it can so easily be taken away. -LUZCID

So time for the most important question ever asked in an interview… you ready? What is your favorite beer or alcoholic drink?

   Haha I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t think this is disgusting but I don’t care I love it. Crown Royale + Club Soda + Coconut Water! I like this because I can’t handle sugar, It makes me instantly sick. I also never ever get hungover drinking this, because it is incredibly hydrating 🙂 -LUZCID

With the end of the year drawing ever closer, what are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

Seems as though I’ll be on the east coast ;). -LUZCID

Thank you for sitting down and helping us better get to know you. Before we part ways, is there anything, in particular, we should be expecting from you in 2018? 

     Loads of new music! I recently signed over nearly a dozen songs to be released in the first quarter of next year and am writing more everyday, keep an eye out for those records! -LUZCID