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Listen to Whethan’s New Pop Single Featuring Opia

Last year, we saw the rise of Whethan. He collaborated with huge artists such as Flux Pavilion, Elohim, and Charlie XCX to create great music and garner massive publicity. With the release of Whethan’s Redo of the Opia song “Falling” on Trap Nation, the prodigious producer amassed over 2 million views. Less than a year later, Whethan and Opia collaborate on a song together and It is out now! The song is called “Aftertaste” and combines pop guitar melodies with Opia’s smooth vocals to create a hit record.

“Aftertaste” is exactly what mainstream pop needs. Whethan spices up the pop record with electronic undertones. The song’s intro features crisp guitar plucks layered with Opia’s recognizably soft and beautiful vocals. The song has many organic sounding instruments that add to its beauty. Opia sings over a catchy combination of electric guitar, bass guitar, claps, stomp kicks, and keyboard. Opia carries the song into the chorus where whethan’s deep swinging bass compliments Opia’s high pitched vocals. The drop/chorus successfully covers all frequencies as Whethan tastefully incorporates an electric guitar riff. The second verse follows a similar rhythm as the first with Opia singing on Whethan’s groovy beat. The second drop gives the song a more electronic feel that takes the track to another level. The signature Whethan bass prevails but this time accompanied by synth plucks instead of Opia’s voice. “Aftertaste” defies traditional pop vibes as Whethan and Opia come together to create a unique, awesome sound.

Check it out below: