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Trapstyle sits down with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal at Emo Nite Day in Los Angeles, CA

We had the opportunity to sit down with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, the founder of Gothboi Clique.

The following is a transcribed conversation that took place backstage, at Emo Nite Day

on December 3rd 2017 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA.


Trapstyle: Where are you from?


Wicca Phase: I’m from Scranton, Pennsylvania


Trapstyle: How did you transition out of Scranton into what you’re doing now?


Wicca Phase: The Internet! There’s a producer named Nedarb, he linked everyone I work with up with shows in different places, mainly in California. I was active on a lot of different places online, Facebook, Soundcloud, Tumblr.


Trapstyle: I wasn’t aware there’s much activity on Tumblr, is there a music scene on Tumblr?


Wicca Phase: Well there was a music scene on Tumblr in 2010 / 2011, that’s how I found out about Trap music, I didn’t know what that was a genre until I started using Tumblr, i’m not active on it anymore though.


Trapstyle: What are you active on these days?


Wicca Phase: Twitter is my favorite but I know a lot of people don’t really use it, Instagram is what you have to be on so i’m trying to step my Instagram presence up. I hate posting pictures of my self, but you know whatever. Facebook, and VK. VK is actually pretty active, it’s like Facebook but with audio, you can search audio.


Trapstyle: I saw you recently performed with Fantasy Camp, how was that show?


Wicca Phase: Oh man it was sick, Adam from Ham on everything is trying to make that show happen here in LA.


Trapstyle: I’ve noticed HAM making an effort to push this sound, what are your thoughts on that?


Wicca Phase: I never thought I would be associated with them but he reached out to me, I think he was a fan of my old band, Tiger’s Jaw. They are actually playing here tonight at Emo Nite Day.


Trapstyle: Without you? Are you guys still cool?


Wicca Phase: Yeah man! It wasn’t weird or anything I just wanted to do something different. So yeah he just knew about them and would book me as Wicca Phase Springs Eternal anytime I’d be in LA, without Adam I wouldn’t be here tonight. They are great promoters.


Trapstyle: Oh word, so he’s the one who booked you. How did that happen?


Wicca Phase: Twitter mainly, we chat on Twitter all the time


Trapstyle: So do you produce your own tracks?


Wicca Phase: I used to but then realized there are other people who are better than me, so now I just co-produce some of the music I sing on. My next album is a full length, I’m writing everything from scratch, guitar, the synths, vocals and it’s being produced by Doves.


Trapstyle: So if you co-produce something, do you try to take credit for any of the production?


Wicca Phase: I don’t think I’m going to, I’ve never done anything like that before…hm…that’s a really good question. I dont know…I don’t want to take any credit for it because my face will be on the cover anyway but he’ll be the one doing the heavy lifting for the production of the album anyway so..


Trapstyle: Who started Goth Boi Clique?


Wicca Phase: I started GBC, me and Coldhart. He sent me a beat called Gothboi Clique and I was like “we should make this a thing”. I don’t think we even really talked about it, I just tweeted “We’re Gothboi Clique” and it just caught on and then we were like okay we should make this a real thing.


Trapstyle: If you had to describe your music to someone who doesn’t know what it is on the streets how would you do this?


Wicca Phase: Alright, if they aren’t into underground music I would say “I sing over rap beats, but it’s not RNB”. But it’s sort of like Emo Trap, or Emotional Trap. I don’t know, haha.


Trapstyle: Would you call it Soundcloud Rap?


Wicca Phase: I never say that.


Trapstyle: Do you think there’s any correlation between Vaporwave and the stuff you make?


Wicca Phase: 100%, at least on a personal level. Because that’s what I would find Tumblr, it’s like an aesthetic of pastels and 3D transparent images and that stuff did influence me.


Trapstyle: So you’re pretty into vaporwave?


Wicca Phase: Yeah, but I can’t say I like any particular artists. I would just go on YouTube or SoundCloud and listen to Vaporwave mixes.


Trapstyle: Do you take submissions?

Wicca Phase: Yeah I do, for a while I wasn’t because I had an actual job and would only work with one producer but now I do and I am grateful for anyone who sends me beats.


Trapstyle: That’s sick man, where would people send that to?


Wicca Phase: WiccaPhase@gmail.com


Trapstyle: Are there any words of wisdom you would give to the budding musician?


Wicca Phase: I’m an idiot, so I don’t know if there will be much wisdom in this statement but I had someone message me yesterday and ask me for advice….at first I was like “I dont know” but I thought about it and was like “if you’re going to write lyrics, spend a lot of time on them and don’t try to sound like anyone or whatever is popular. Be yourself and work that into your music.”. I don’t know…also don’t do drugs. I’m sober, I don’t do drugs.


Someone [lil peep] died recently, after that happened I got a message saying “man..I thought you would be the first to go” and I was like “why would you say that?!”


Trapstyle: Well shit, damn..man. That sounded back-handed. Well before we end this interview I have to ask, are you Wiccan?


Wicca Phase: Well I send my music to a producer friend and was like what should I call this? She said, “Wicca Phase Springs Eternal”. The first two words “Wicca Phase” suggests that it’s a phase of occult / dark / moody-ness occult stuff, but the name “Springs Eternal” suggests that it will live beyond that, but I am into occult stuff.


Trapstyle: What occult stuff are you into?


Wicca Phase: I’m a rookie, but some chaos magick and stuff like that.


Trapstyle: Magick with a “K”?

Wicca Phase: Yeah, stuff like Crowley, OTO, but there’s practical ways you can implement this into your life. I’m still a rookie and am still figuring out ways to channel this.


Trapstyle: Or if you even want to channel that.


Wicca Phase: Or if I even want to channel it, yeah! I hear a lot of magicians say you need to be careful because if you’re indecisive it could really fuck you. It’s all still up in the air for me, I don’t know if I really want to get involved with that stuff yet.


Trapstyle: Awesome man, great chatting with you 🙂