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Trapstyle Presents: Decadence New Years Survival Guide

Where can you see some of the greatest names in EDM, hit a silent disco, and ring in New Years at the largest party of the year? Decadence: City Beyond Tomorrow is the ultimate festival to celebrate NYE!

Continue with this article to make the most of your party plans.

Decadence will take place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver and will consist of two massive stages. The lineup is clad with the biggest acts like Bassnectar, Diplo, and Porter Robinson. More coverage on that later in the article. Us at Trapstyle would like to bring a New Years Survival Guide to help you make the best out of the celebration.

Preparation is key when it comes to a festival, especially if you are traveling to get there. A lot of work can go into making sure that everything goes without a hitch and it can get overwhelming. This article should help with figuring out the details of travel, accommodations, and help with planning the artists to see during the event.

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Transportation is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to any festival. Whether you are coming from another state or the other part of the city, having a plan is necessary. When traveling abroad there are a few avenues to explore. We recommend using Kayak for your flight needs as they find “hacks” to get you the lowest prices possible. If flying isn’t an option, Greyhound is another possibility; though it is important to note that your trip time may be longer. Prices are high during the holidays so this may not be the most economic direction. Finally, you could, of course, drive to Denver. Keep in mind that some of the mountain passes can be hit by large amounts of snow and closures this time of the year. Use caution and take your time if taking this route.

If you are within the Denver area, things are a little easier though planning is still important. It’s New Year’s and many will be drinking or doing otherwise so having a designated driving service is a must. Using services like LYFT and UBER can mean the difference between an amazing night and being behind bars or worse. The Colorado Convention Center is located within walking distance of downtown hotels and the Light Rail system so proper planning of your stay can also make the night easier.

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Speaking of accommodation, the two-night festival will leave you needing a roof over your head. If you live in Denver or have friends that do, then you are in luck. If not, it will be important to find a place to lie your head after dancing all night. Decadence Colorado offers a selection of hotels along with discounts by following this link. Other services like Airbnb also offer places to stay though booking sooner than later is important. Book as close to the venue as possible to save cost on transportation every night.

The following are some DO’s and DON’Ts to keep in mind while planning for the New Year.


Read The FAQ supplied by the venue. Some highlights include:

  • No re-entry to the venue.
  • No sitting down on the dance floor.
  • No Go-pros allowed.
  • No rage sticks/totems.
  • No flow toys.

Be sure to read the whole thing to get the most mileage of your evening.


Forget to HYDRATE. While dancing all night it’s easy to get dehydrated, especially when compounding that with alcohol. Water stations will be situated throughout the event so be sure to drink plenty of H2O. Extra points are gained if you bring a camelback, though make sure that it is empty upon arrival.


Mingle. Meet new people, follow each other’s socials, exchange Kandi bracelets. It’s a radical audio-visual experience so do all of the things that accompany these events. Make new friends and grow closer to the ones that you already have.


Bring Marijuana into the event. Even though you are in Colorado, Decadence does not allow the Devil’s Lettuce into the event. This means that no flower, wax, vapes, edibles or any other form will be tolerated. (NOTE: This writer isn’t anti-weed, “Devil’s Lettuce” is just his favorite term for it.)


Pick a meet up spot for your squad as well as meet up times between acts for if you get separated throughout the night. Cell service will be questionable as well as battery life so a “home base” can be a saving grace. Who will your Decadence Squad be?


Go overboard in the libations. Drinking too much will not only end your night early while making you forget the event, but it can impact those around you when then end up babysitting for the night. Drink Responsibly and have fun! Don’t forget to secure your ride as well so that you get home safe!

Finally, there is the lineup and the planning that goes along with it. The list of artists at Decadence this year is amazing which leads to the need to figure out who you want to see. There are two stages in different rooms so seeing them all isn’t possible. Of course, there are large names like Armin Van Buuren, Big Gigantic, and Zedd that check all of the boxes but there are also smaller names to look out for. Space Jesus, Odesza, and Detrace have been making huge moves over the last few years and shouldn’t be missed either. It’s recommended to go through the list and choose who you couldn’t stand to miss. Also, bare in mind that it’s important to pick backups as some may be playing at the same time as others. Don’t get too hung up on the selection though as all acts playing are world class.


No matter who you see, remember that your night will be amazing as you enter the City Beyond Tomorrow. Decadence will bring the most unforgettable experience that can be offered to you and your friends. Be sure to follow this link if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet. Dance safe and Happy New Year!