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LISTEN: Alon Mor – Long Awaited Journey (Album)

Alon Mor sent this song over to us a couple weeks ago and had to give this album a listen. After several days of listening to this album, here is what I think.

Alon Mor is clearly talented just by listening to his few tracks. In the beginning of the album, the music shows us how classically talented he is to hopefully start up a new genre within the EDM scene. Not only does it feel that he was trying to start up a new genre, this whole album felt like I was traveling in space with Sandra Bullock to find the next big thing in order to save humankind. ‘Long Awaited Journey’ is truly a mindblowing project that I heavily recommend you all to check out.

Some may say that this album is totally out of the norm due to the fact that no one has ever heard authentic, classically music within this genre yet, but I give props to Alon Mor for actually pushing himself to be different. Let’s hope he does a tour of this with amazing visuals in the background!

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