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If you’ve hit the event horizon, you’ve gone too far. New track “Neon Grave” by HXV

“My music always aspires to communicate from a dark place. Music is an outlet for me to purge feelings, thoughts and emotions, and from that it turns into a means of communication. “


As I listen to the new track “Neon Grave” by HXV, I struggle to find the perfect combination of words that might help you get a sense of what he has created and how it might make you feel. It is my sincere hope that I can do this gracefully, as music and words are both beautiful vessels by which an emotion might be carried, gifted, evoked.

The room I’m in is slightly cooler than I’m use to, and my skin feels like it’s on the verge of tightening. The layers of song seem to fill the dimly lit space and warm it slightly. The sounds fill my world as the waveforms envelope me. It feels like dark moss and damp leaves, but warm. It feels like the sound track of my epic daydreams, where flight is possible and nothing can keep me pinned to the ground, or to the earth. It feels like love, the softer beginning and the intensity of its build.

“(…) frustration, isolation, suffering, despair, these things that make us wholly human and having a human experience, all of this goes into the music.”

The hollow but full body of the track grows, filing the frequencies with its strong but subtle force. The hits, beautifully placed among the many sounds of the track, are the rhythmic driving force that make you want to move your body  while still surrendering to the melody. There is a boldness to the production that comes with a producer’s ability to remain vulnerable with the creation of songs while being fearless about where that song will end up and how. Owning his own label, VAVLT, and as a member of  producer/art collective, Titan Squad, HXV has developed his own outlet and platforms through which his art is shared. This gives him the freedom to delve even deeper into his craft, challenge his own boundaries, explore the bravery and the risk it takes to venture into the darkness and report back.

“Real art to me takes courage to achieve, everything else is just filler.”