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bvd kult and Tanjent nail their collab anthem “Wild Eyes”

Independent artists are really paving a lane on their own especially in the dance music scene. bvd kult is one of the many that has relentlessly been garnering support on his music amongst the competitive flutter. The talented UK based artist teamed up with boyband trio Tanjent to create their anthemic debut single titled, “Wild Eyes”. The song builds in a fun, progressive, and catchy manner as it is pleasantly combined with Tanjent’s amazing mainstream performance as well as their first musical appearance together as a group.

Their new release is a truly dynamic song that fits perfectly in todays space. Accompanied by dance, pop, and tropical elements throughout the duration of the track, the singers find a great foundation to be themselves. These young artists are setting up for a bright future with Tipsy Records focusing on their exposure. If you love Wild Eyes be sure to keep an eye out for bvd kult and Tanjent in the near future!