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Bro Can I Steal This? – A Meme Review [February 2018]

As a connoisseur of memes, it is fair to say that meme content has become a modern form of communication and interconnection for millennials and Generation Z. With advancements in technology, our affinity for memes and internet culture has kept us closer to our phones and laptops than anything else. With access to news and media at the stroke of a finger, these sessions where we relax-and-swipe have normalized into our everyday schedules. Our attention spans and content consumption has us binge-streaming meme photos and videos for hours on end.  Memes have given this generation a voice and solace those with humor during their lowest points. For the past couple years, the internet has kept in remembrance the memes that shook our communities and were definitive of the internet’s culture at that place in time.

That said, however, brings us to today in our meme timeline. 2018 has been nothing short of weird when it comes to the output of memes that have received viral attention. In my opinion, memes such as “Do U Kno Da Wae” and “My Spaghett” that defined January were sub par and flat. By week 3 of January, the output of these memes just grew trite and stale. I felt these memes were temporary and lacked long-term value. The longevity of a meme resides in its versatility and application towards many different contexts. In my opinion, if a meme is too niche, the lesser the success. For instance, the enlarging brain meme is still a relevant meme format and its life cycle is approaching a year. That baffles the fuck out of me; but then again, it is a meme format that has aged well because of its adaptability. I knew the second I became familiar with these January memes that they were disposable and forgettable.

So here we are: February 2018. For most people, February 2018 was an enigma. On the surface, February was completely barren of content to attach ourselves to and be entertained by. After scrolling past a meme calendar on Facebook and seeing February’s box left vacant, I will argue that February did have content worth mentioning that caught my eye. Here are some quality memes from February that are worth discussing:

Drake and Josh – Closed  Door

Seeing Drake and Josh referenced through memes is always refreshing, but not surprising. Drake and Josh has been a flagship property of meme-hood though 4chan and Tumblr over the years and its legacy continues with the Closed Door meme. Establishing itself in the second half of February, the Closed Door meme references a Season 4 episode of Drake and Josh titled “Tree House,” where Drake and Josh accidentally burn down their neighbor’s tree house and must build a replacement. The meme captures a moment in the episode where Josh condescendingly looks at Drake for his boneheaded decision to, with a sharpie, draw a door instead of installing one. This meme scratched my itch for content when it first appeared on my newsfeed. I don’t have time to watch reruns of Drake and Josh on TeenNick but its reminders and references like these that keep my childhood alive.  Crafty memers and photoshop-heads will have fun using this format to bring out funny ideas of their own.

Rating: 8/10

Here are a couple good examples of this spherical meme in action:


I took the liberty to make my own Closed Door meme relating it to collaborative mistakes on Ableton. DON’T WATERMARK THIS SHIT WITCHA OWN.

Change My Mind

The “Change My Mind” meme is a hot boi. Political discussion is not going anywhere on anyone’s feeds so it’s forthcoming to see a meme referencing Conservative Commentator and Podcaster, Steven Crowder’s tabling campaign outside Texas Christian University. Given the time I’m writing this article, this meme has been pushed to to the brink. I don’t know how many of these I’ve saved on Facebook but it has definitely made its footprint on the 2018 meme season. With meme Hall-of-Famer Alex Jones visiting my newsfeed time to time, it was only a matter of time for another Conservative figurehead to make their way into meme territory. Easily manipulated and exploited, this meme offers so many different angles for some explosive comedic punches. Depressed folk and stubborn homies will have a good time with this one.

Rating: 9/10

Here are a couple quality ones:


Kung Fu Panda 2 – Skadoosh

I may be wrong but I thought of Twitter when I first saw this. If anyone can confirm for me whether this meme came from Twitter, please let me know. The meme references the third act from Kung Fu Panda 2 where Po deflects a fireball from Master Shifu in a battle to save China. When this meme started trending on my newsfeed on Facebook, I thought it was a bit of a stretch. The spin on this meme can make for some clapback jokes and relatable jokes about awkward situations. The meme is not too popular (doesn’t have Know Your Meme page yet), but it will be some time before it is exhausted. Video editors and animation enthusiasts should get a kick out of this meme.

Rating: 7/10

This take on the meme relates that “one awkward exchange” you might have had with a waiter/waitress:


If you still think February had no memorable memes then you should look for new meme dealers or friends who share better content. There’s tons of hilarious pages to like on Facebook and talented meme professionals on Twitter that provide tasteful content. Surprisingly, there were not any memes dealing with Valentine’s Day nor any about the Olympics. With March here, I expect the meme forecast to look sunnier than February’s. Short blog today y’all, but thanks for dropping by and I’ll be back again. Also, if you have any recommendations for Twitter users to follow or Facebook pages to keep tabs, feel free to shoot me an email. Next time, I’ll feature those who deserve some love.

Kiss your bois goodnight and stay wholesome.