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Ghostemane Delivers Unhinged LP “DAHLIA” with Veteran Producer, Getter

Floridian rapper and Final Fantasy cosplayer (just kidding), Ghostemane, has made waves in the hip-hop community since making his imprint with “Andromeda” in early 2017. Strong follow-up singles including the gothic trap banger, Mercury, and the haunting Nirvana-sampled, Elixir, had internet audiences growing fond of the 26-year old rapper whose style echoes those of the SuicideBoys, Bones, and Ramirez. Given how saturated hip-hop is with Soundcloud rappers, it is hard to approach Ghostemane’s music without judging his starter pack-esque aesthetic that closely infringes on that of the Suicideboys’ style. However, after revisiting his work, Ghostemane’s talent holds up well compared to those who share his style– so much so, that he has now landed a collaboration project with household electronic-producer, Getter.

Getter, who previously worked with Pouya and Ramirez, pairs with Ghostemane for a second time to drop their collaborative album: DAHLIA.  Although this album showcases four songs, the chilling beats and quicker flows will have listeners wanting more than what’s been given. Getter and Ghostmane’s first collaborative effort “Bury Me” sported electronic trap elements that carried the bulk of the track without needing Ghostemane’s contributions. However, with this new album, Getter’s production takes a backseat to Ghostemane—letting Ghostemane shine with his tight delivery and melodic hooks.

The song HACK:SLASH is probably the darkest song featured on this EP. We’re fed a lot of dark, alchemical imagery with bars like:


“Blackest of mages

The tat on my face

I’m amazed at the rate I’ve been getting away”


The track reminded me of Xavier Wulf’s “Hollow Squad” if it was on speed. The colorful 808s and foggy sample complement Ghostemane’s  Suicideboys-inspired flow perfectly. Ghostemane’s reverb-drenched verses add to the haunting, horrorcore-vibe the duo is going for.

The song GRAIN features a very catchy bell sample that sounds reversed. Incorporating the same elements as other tracks on this EP, Ghostemane’s disposition and ability to crush these instrumentals with tight delivery makes the track sweeter than HACK:SLASH. A little bit more light-hearted, GRAIN is a banger and arguably the most memorable cut to make it to this project.

The last song, Beware: The Sirens, features a catchy hook and an instrumental that sounds like it belongs in a Tim Burton film. Ghostemane’s split personality that is characterized through his different voices makes the track feel unhinged and unsettling. In addition, this tone contrasts with the instrumental to create an eerily, creepy—but also memorable—vibe.

If you’re a follower of Ghostemane’s previous work and Getter’s production, this is a match made in heaven for you. The dark instrumentals and gothic themes are sonically similar to artists like Bones, Suicideboys, Pouya, and other underground pioneers. If you’re a fan of this Soundcloud, underground cloud rap movement that has run rampant this decade, this is certainly a treat.