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Osquello and Maxd Team up for “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

Debuting on internet record label juggernaut, Majestic Casual, 18-year old London singer, Osquello, partners with Canadian melodic electronica veteran, Maxd, to craft a warm, sonically vintage, and emotionally resonant tune (inspired by the film Donnie Darko) that listeners will have on repeat.

With a palette of crisp drums and colorful 808 patterns, listeners will become attached to the strong percussive production that drives the song’s pulse. In addition, Maxd’s ethereal synths give the track brightness and soul beyond its percussive counterpart. Furthermore, Osquello’s approachable and warm vocal contribution adds another dimension to the track. Osquello’s verses deal with confronting fear and reversing unhealthy coping mechanisms by adopting better ones. Osquello’s personable message of staying humble and combatting fear without resorting to self-destructive behaviors humanizes and carries the track beyond its catchy hooks and instrumentation.

If you have enjoyed both the works of Osquello and Maxd, this marriage of sounds will sure please your ears.