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SoCal Rising Star, WRRY, Drops Explosive Follow-Up Banger “MY TIME” with Apollo Hill

The Orange County music scene is thin. Aside from its crowded surf/ punk/ garage rock community that populates its underground music scene, Orange County is barren of accessible hip-hop talent making an impact on the culture.

Now before I have the entire DIY community hate me for this assertion, let me be clear that beat showcases and collectives such as Beat Cinema and SXN have allowed an avenue for hip-hop and lo-fi producers to perform locally in cities such as Anaheim and Fullerton. Their efforts to colorize the hip-hop music scene in Orange County should not be overlooked. However, Orange County’s void of an up-and-coming solo hip-hop/ trap figure that local audiences can attach themselves to is something that has plagued the community and its openness to Urban music—that is—until today.

Meet WRRY: a rapper/singer/producer triple -threat making waves in the OC churning out Soundcloud hit after hit. In just two years, WRRY has reinvented his sound, image, and has stretched his artistic ability to include singing and rapping in each of his bangers. Inspired by Meltycanon, Shamana, and RonnyJ, the 23-year-old rising star has made career leaps with last year’s “TOO MUCH” and “LIKE THAT.”  After garnering thousands of plays from each of these tunes, WRRY latest follow-up “MY TIME” (co. produced by Apollo Hill) has already scored 20k + plays on Soundcloud and continues his patented sound of autotuned vocals, distorted and compressed 808s, and playful kalimba melodies. WRRY’s recognizable, gentle vocals add character, contrast, and charisma to the track’s explosive, revved-up rhythms. Furthermore, WRRY’s fiery, triplet-flow bars in the first half showcase his lyrical finesse that took a backseat in his previous two singles.

For those familiar with WRRY’s previous work, “MY TIME” is the satisfying follow-up in this unofficial trilogy of songs that mark the evolution of the multidiscipline rapper’s rebrand and reinvention. Make sure to check out the latest single from the artist they dub “Lil’ StreetCar” – it’s going to be a fun ride for y’all!