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Biggest hack in YouTube history?

As we are seeing now, Despacito has been taken down off of YouTube. Further info has shown has that the video post to this song has supposedly been hacked, by Kuroi’sh & Prosox, however information as to their motives is very little. “Free Palestine” among other comments were left under the video, and on top of this multiple other popular songs from the past two years have been hacked, most taken down already.


Tracks from Adele, Kaaris, Chris Brown, Katy Perry and more have all been affected as it seems, and of course, this is only the start.


Source: The Independent

Stills from the video show the group attempting to intimidate. Only time will tell what will come of this, if it is a real hack, or just a clout scam; furthermore this post will be updated as more information arises.

Currently only the Kaaris track is remaining online on YouTube.

Regardless of the true identity/motivation behind this group, the take-down of the most streamed track in history as well as tracks from multiple established artists, can only be shocking. For those scared of losing their favorite anthem of the century, the track is still available on Spotify (for now) where it still racked up over 816,000,000 streams and counting



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