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After Two-Year Hiatus, Mark Redito Returns with Dreamy Follow-Up “Cloud Keep” with Abbi Press

Prolific electronic, Filipino producer, Mark Redito, returns to the fold with his vibrant new single, “Cloud Keep,” featuring Brooklyn Songstress and Producer, Abbi Press. Recovering from a lengthy writers block and subsequent disappearance, “Cloud Keep” is Redito’s first original follow-up since 2016’s “You’ll Only Love Me When I’m Gone.” Bounded by personal matters, Redito’s creative spirit hit a speed bump in 2016 – a fruitful year full of career accomplishments that included the successful debut of Likido, a concert series focusing on people of color, women and LGBTQ producers. “

“I felt burnt out and unmotivated,” Redito says of his writing process for “Cloud Keep.” “A lot had happened in my personal life during that time and that may have affected my creativity; I still loved making music, I just didn’t feel as inspired.” To remedy this creative drought, Redito tasked himself with a daily practice of starting and finishing a song every day to exercise his creative mind. And as a result, Redito comfortably resumes from his hiatus with “Cloud Keep,” a song that encapsulates the trademark Mark Redito, digital-pop sound that audiences around can attach themselves to.

At the crux of the track are the lush, futuristic synths that illustrate and register the same themes that Mark’s music has predicated on for years. The infectious groove driven by vintage drums and innocent sonic textures captures Redito’s vision of nostalgic disco period/ funk-inspired music with a modern electronic twist. The playful bounce that rests in the bassline provides movement and subtle weight. In addition, the tranquil, pitch bended chords add an unwinding dimension to the palette of sounds. To compliment Mark’s arrangement, Abbi Press’s vocal accompaniment is icing on this nicely packaged cake, bringing character and dynamics to an-already multilayered song. Her airy vocals and lyrics humanize the track and captures the intimacy and experience of falling in love in this digital age.

If you are a fan of Mark’s previous works, you shouldn’t miss this solid, much-anticipated return to music. In addition, Mark has furthered his voice in the community with the creation of vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos that elaborate and deconstruct his workflow and writing approaches. Follow him on Facebook @Mark Redito to check ’em out or subscribe to his content-rich Youtube channel!

If you are a follower of Abbi’s, this is a worthy entry in the songstress’s growing career and her strong 2018 campaign. Be sure to follow her Soundcloud @abbipress and Spotify!