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Pet Zebra Punches Back with Ethereal “Vanilla” Music Video

Making waves in the online rap community, Pet Zebra shares his music video for his ethereal banger “Vanilla” off his new album BLOSSUM. Laced with trippy visuals, fast crash zooms, and fish-eye lensed angles, the video for “Vanilla” is eye and ear candy for followers of Pet Zebra’s work. Featuring a catchy hook that will stay in your head for days, Vanilla is a non-stop thrill ride that corrals Pet Zebra’s best flow and rhyme schemes. Unlike “Language” and “Theme Song” that lax out listeners with smoother, jazzier beats, Vanilla is a dragon-energy fueled package that slaps yet it keeps together that smoked out, psychedelic rap vibe that feels inspired by Brooklyn-based rap titans such as the Underachievers and Flatbush Zombies. Since the video’s debut on April 27th, Vanilla has amassed 1.8 million views and is pushing Pet Zebra into the limelight and Youtube’s suggestive rap algorithms. Keep Pet Zebra on your radar for the rest of 2018 as his moves look to grow bigger.