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Umru and Ravenna Golden Team Up to Release Chilling Pop Banger “Sticky”

After a whirlwind of remixes and co-production work alongside A.G. Cook for Charli XCX’s Pop 2 Mixtape, 19-year old, New York-based producer umru returns to the fold with LA songstress, Ravenna Golden, to release “sticky.” Originally planned as a remix of Ravenna’s Machete, the pair turned their heads towards creating something new and fresh for audiences to hear.

At center stage are Ravenna’s airy, autotuned vocals that contrast with umru’s mammoth percussion. Detailed with otherworldly, futuristic sound design, umru alchemizes squeaky textures, hyperreal soundscapes, and SOPHIE-inspired percussion into a refreshing take on pop that remains explosive and electric at its center. Ravenna’s ethereal vocals partnered with umru’s robust, industrial sound offer an inviting balance of grandiose instrumentation and tranquil voicework. As the song unwinds, Ravenna’s vocals impart conviction and humanize umru’s rich orchestration of synthesized sounds. From start to finish, the track is an emotional thrill ride that will have listener’s spamming the repeat button.

With an EP on the horizon, those following umru’s body of work are teased with this four-minute banger that hints of what’s to come. Championing a sound that is innovative and exciting, umru’s upcoming EP “search result” looks to be a tour de force that will send shockwaves throughout the internet music community.



Make sure to check out umru’s livestream on Upsound this Thursday at 6 P.M. PST where he will go over and analyze the project file for “sticky!”