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Boulder, CO Fox Theatre

Low Hanging Fruit – Soup De’Jour – “RISE”

Low Hanging Fruit released their first full length album, The Fruit Tape, in mid 2017, around the beginning of CU Boulder’s fall semester. With summer break over and students eager to return back to the land of day drinking under the Colorado sun, wild night-time ragers, and beautiful adventures in the mountains. The Fruit released an album that aimed to encompass the identity of Boulder’s party scene.  full of bumpin’ beats and witty rhymes, the 23 track album is comprised of songs that for the most part are meant to be party bangers.

However, meaningful and elaborate lyrics are thrown into every track, adding intelligence to a sub genre of rap that typically doesn’t concern itself with complexity. Combining lyrical sophistication, production that throws down, and an image that is easily relatable to anybody that wanders “The Hill” on Friday night, Low Hanging Fruit is CU’s most acclaimed local rap group.


The group is comprised of rappers Brendan “Trip” Tripodi, Soup De’jour, producer Dirty Harry, and videographer-producer Avery Gollnick,  Forming at the University of Colorado in 2016, the four members of Low Hanging Fruit have since released two full length albums, one mixtape, a multitude of singles, half a dozen music videos, and an 11 minute documentary. Self-produced and promoted, the work ethic of Low Hanging Fruit throughout its relatively short lifetime is commendable by any standards.



Regardless of The Fruit’s target audience, they have managed to garner a niche following of college students nationwide, notably fraternity bros. Having headlined shows at CU Boulder, CU Denver, Elon University, University of Honolulu, and Boulder’s Fox Theatre, Low Hanging Fruit has surpassed the “soundcloud rapper” phase, rising to a level above purely internet content through live performance.