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SLEEPYCATT’s Minecraft Birthday Party is the Music Festival 2018 Deserved

Soundcloud twitter is a universe crowded with memes and quotable tweets. Cartoonish personalities and characters that govern a community that feels cooler than the audio distribution platform itself. If you heard this past week that there was a “Minecraft Party” where Charli XCX showed up, you were correctly informed. For one night, Minecraft was the festival ground for a 13+ artist lineup that included Soundcloud favorites Y2K, Valentine, umruWilliam Crooks, Cavan Brady, Sadkey, Yitaku, Ramen Boy, and Gupi to celebrate SLEEPYCATT’s 21st Birthday. It’s as if Brownies and Lemonade was boxed in the 3-D space of Minecraft, or if Kaytranada’s 2013 Boiler Room Set was crossed with Rated “E” playfulness. As ridiculous as this sounds, the idea is nothing short of genius: create an online music festival that connects everyone from anywhere and suggest attendees to explore the creative freedoms allowed by Minecraft’s open-world playground.


“It started as a joke a month ago and the joke became reality,” SLEEPYCATT said. After announcing the event via Twitter, the tweet garnered 400+ likes and 120+ retweets that snowballed enough attention. The success of the campaign catapulted SLEEPYCATT’s birthday to blockbuster status. Within the first 10 minutes, 60 people joined the server and crashed SLEEPYCATT’s computer.  The influx of players alerted Pooldad and SLEEPYCATT to purchase the party’s dedicated server, Minecraft.pooldilf.com, to manage the party’s traffic.

After 6 hours of music from 18 DJs, the night totaled 418 audio streamers and 264 players. Before going live, the room had a mansion with lights, pyrotechnics, backstage VIP areas, and a green room—all the amenities that IRL music festivals offer.  Ando, Whysp, Pooldad, Frax, Valentine, Max Reist, and NotActuallyRobin were notable builders and contributors that engineered the digital playground for attendees to enjoy. “A bunch of people ran off into the desert and built a counter culture “better than the mansion club,” SLEEPYCATT said. “DNZ took photos until the crowd murdered him.”

Masterminded by Thwip Gang, a group chat of SLEEPYCATT’s friends, Minecraft Birthday Party was a virtual music festival that immersed fans and followers in the polygon infrastructures of Minecraft and re-imagined how parties are done. It proves that innocent, unadulterated fun in a sandbox video game can treat an excited crowd. If you missed out and want to relive the night, check out the hashtag #ISurvivedMinecraftBirthdayParty2018 on Twitter and the recap video provided below:

Also, check out some of the sets on Soundcloud: