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Minneapolis recording artist Beamon drops “BimuGoddo”

For those familiar with artists along the lines of Scarlxrd to Lil Gnar and Sybyr, many are taking their own flair to the rise in hip hop’s latest grunge movements. Though it seems one of those styles that a very low percent of tracks come up with outstanding mix quality and writing so far; artists such as these, and Beamon alike, are taking their fans to new dimensions.

From Minneapolis, Minnesota, he is no rookie when it comes to hitting the studio with absolute grunge. With tracks such as “Man on the Slopes”, “Lonzo Ball”, and “Spirited Away” with Bones, many have already heard the epic dark sides of his music so far, but this new track “BimuGoddo” featuring LEWIS IS DEAD on the second half and produced by Highself¬† is on a new level. Experience the top tier of both vocal and instrumental production when it comes to this vibe, and don’t let that steer you away if you’re looking for something dirty.

Listen for yourself, and make sure to stay up to date on Beamon’s future creations.