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The 5 Acts Your Ears Need to Hear at Bassrush Massive

Our hearts will always belong to the future of music. We strive to share what’s good and what’s next on the block with our friends to better this world through unique art. Though your particular taste may belong to one thing or another, there is always something new out there you haven’t heard yet. Thankfully the good people at Insomniac let Bassrush dip down into the talent pool for some gems. This is where we are going to show you a little bit about 5 different acts that you can’t miss at this years 2-day Bassrush Massive.

#1 – Caspa

If you’re new into this world of electronic music or maybe just don’t know the history behind bass music, you might not have witnessed a set from the OG skanka. Caspa is responsible for the birth of countless dubheads with his classic dance floor destroyers like his remix of TC’s “Where’s My Money”. Caspa being a figurehead for the Dub Police crew and a staple of Rinse FM which was simply a pirate station at that point in time, it was no coincidence that his and Rusko’s “Fabriclive 37” was a smash that infected the dubstep world and changed the course of bass music history. These are only a few slices to the pie that is Caspa’s history (and by no means in any chronological order), but to really get a feel for what the original ghost of wubs has to offer, catch him throwing down a true dubstep set this summer.

#2 – Phace b2b Prolix

Now each of these individual artists in their own right are insanely talented with a DAW and have some of the nastiest drum and bass tracks I’ve heard. Phace has been making waves in the DnB scene recently with his massive collaborations with fellow production messiah Mefjus as well as some heavy dingers with Signal. Prolix first came to my ears after his rough and raw remix of Moody’s Good “Hotplate” ripped through my ear holes a few years back. From RAM to Viper to OWSLA, Prolix has a massive catalogue of heaters that we’re sure will see some light paired with some of Phace’s next-level production skills.

#3 – Chee

We’re not sure what this kid has been eating but we need a warehouse full of it. His productions are forward thinking, progressive, and absolutely mad. The native South African came across our radar a few years ago as our boys across the ocean were scouting fresh artists. This freeform style of NorCal bass music that artists like G Jones, Bleep Bloop, and Sayer have been pushing over the years has been infused with the fresh sounds of Chee. This kid makes noises I didn’t know were possible and with his recent move to LA, it’s time you get used to him. Catch Chee for a set and dip your ear buds into something refreshing.

#4 – Space Laces

The man, the myth, the fucking mad genius of all things heavy and weird, Space Laces is playing. I really shouldn’t have to tell you anything about this guy other than all your favorite producers and artists fear this man’s capabilities with sound. The entire industry holds it’s breath when Mr. Laces drops a tune because people are hearing the bar being raised before their very . With ground shattering tracks that have been played at countless festivals, raves, parties, and long car rides, Space Laces is due to for a solid earthquake of bass at Bassrush Massive. He’s set to drop his Overdrive EP on June 6th with Never Say Die Records which given the single below, we’re stoked on. If you miss Space Laces’ set, I don’t know if we can be friends.

#5 – Oolacile b2b Infekt b2b MurDa

This right here is my guilty pleasure. The riddim, the heavy, and the wtf is happening to my brain. Each of these artists have countless bangers that reduce crowds to mosh pits and walls of death. From Oolacile’s sharp sound design to Infekt’s unparalled flow and MurDa’s uncanny ability to make everything heavier than Thor’s Hammer, this set is about to take my blood, sweat and tears. The double, and dare I say triple drops with some hot chops will bring the energy and we’re sure to get some fresh rewinds because “if it’s nice we play it twice” and that’s the way it goes.

Catch these artists among many other ground-shaking, ear-breaking, bass musicians at Bassrush Massive in San Bernardino on July 20-21, 2018.

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