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Pariis Noel Drops New Song, “Dear Dad”

Midwest is stacked with incredible talent like Detroit’s own Pariis Noel. Creating a buzz with his 2016 self-titled EP, Pariis continues to rise to the occasion with the release of his latest single, entitled, “Dear Dad”.

A touching effort, Pariis dives into his emotions on the new single and crafts an outstanding four minute track filled with catchy skills, well-constructed song structure, and shows a lot of value. Possibly Pariis Noel best work yet, “Dear Dad” is an inspirational personality that everyone will enjoy.

Noel on making, “Dear Dad”:
“This message isn’t intended to glamorize or promote the series of negative activities witnessed, but to lead the paths of our youth in a higher direction by the presence of today’s fathers actively in their lives..”

Listen to “Dear Dad” below, courtesy of Soundcloud.