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DANK $INATRA swims to the paper in “Papercuts”, first single on The HEARTBRK Ep

Dank $inatra / Lil Tokyo is an American hip hop artist out of Texas. First making waves with the underground collective SchemaPosse – which also included landmark artists such as Lil Peep, Ghostemane, Lil Tracy & Jgrxxn – Dank has consistently proven to be one of the underground’s best kept secrets. While his fan base is still growing Dank has earned the respect of many larger named artists within his community. This respect among his peers has allowed him to collaborate with the likes of: Lund, Fat Nick, Lil Peep, Pi’erre Bourne, Chris Travi$, BBNO$, Billy Marchiafava and Ghostmane.

“Dank” as most of his friends call him has always had a way with his tone/cadence. Whether it be his rapid, technical verses or minor melody driven hooks his delivery is always top of its class. “Papercuts” is the first single off of his “HEARTBRK” Ep coming in mid-late 2018. With his off the wall hybrid of grunge and hip hop, Dank bounces through this track with a Z-ro/Bone Thugs feel most of the first verse. As the first chorus ends he drops into a stuttering machine gun of ambitious heart break, with bars like “Lately i’ve been losing all my best friends, pop too many x and I might turn into an x-man, i just met this Bxxxx but ima fxxx her like my best friend.”

The smoothness in which Dank transitions from technical verses to catchy melodies is where he shines, proving to be fluent in both languages. This track is only the first gold to be found on the HEARTBRK EP, and I’m stupid excited to see this project in its entirety. He kills it EVERY single time he drops something and I really have faith he’s the new leader of the underground in GRVNGE Rap.

Dank $inatra Links:
PAPERCUTS SC LINK: https://soundcloud.com/forsweetreveng3/papercuts

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/7yXMhbPKhIUYODwyu3sS1f
FB – https://www.facebook.com/tokyodank
Soundcloud, IG & Twitter: @forsweetreveng3