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O.B.A.$. Drops “Special Lady” Video

O.B.A.$. enlisted himself in rap battles at the beginning of 2005 and half way through that year he became the reigning champion with a record of 32-0. Ready to transition into a equally successful music career, the Orlando, Florida born recording artist drops new video, “Special Lady”.

A video dedicated to his appreciation of women, “Special Lady” is fueled by O.B.A.$ strong fanbase and sensational movement.

O.B.A.$ on his movement:
“My movement is based off of the struggle of the people,” O.B.A.$ said in an interview with artist DJ Buck. He continued, “I am one with the slums, raised in the streets along with having the dreams of the elite.”

Representing for all underdogs worldwide and starting his own imprint, O.B.A.$. created O.B.A.$ Music Group, an independent force on the rise. O.B.A.$. is currently campaigning to release new music weekly in order to keep listeners and new fans at bay with his work. This new artist shows prominent talent far unseen like no other; Only Believers Achieve Success is a way of life that has turned into a movement, and everyone is ready to see what comes next.

Watch “Special Lady” below.