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Hear Stam Goody’s New EP, ‘Defining Moments’

On the heels of his highly successful debut single and music video for “Clutch,” and his follow up release, “Patience,” new artist Stam Goody is back with his debut EP, ‘Defining Moments.’

The Camden, NJ native discusses humble beginnings, family ties, race relations and more on the seven-song release. From raw, hard-hitting songs like “Clutch” and “Stamina” to softer, more reflective records like “Patience” and “WWYD,” Stam pours his heart and soul into each song, offering listeners an inside look into his growth.

The former athlete turned artist weaves sports references throughout his new EP, as he flows between hard-hitting raps and smooth melodies, for a lyrical conversation on wins, losses, the highs and lows of life and the purpose for it all. With this new project, Stam hopes to deliver something purposeful to hip-hop and soul, while showing the world what a man can become.

Hear Stam’s new EP below, courtesy of Soundcloud.