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Laxcity and Lani Rose’s “Changing” is a Musical Metamorphosis

Parachuting into Spotify playlists and dropping hit remix after another, artist Laxcity is sending shockwaves throughout the industry. So far this year, the Zambia-born beatsmith has snowballed an impressive slate of singles that have garnered a salary-figure of plays on Spotify as well as Soundcloud. And Lax brings forth that amalgamation of sonically lavish ambience and multi-dimensioned soundscapes to his latest single “Changing” with budding singer Lani Rose. With subtle foley percs and drums, “Changing” is a metamorphosis that suspends the listener in its gravity. The hypnotic ambience and infectious vocals create an atmosphere for listeners to soak their ears into. Lani Rose’s spellbinding vocals mirror that of Frank Ocean’s and allow listeners to indulge and consult their own emotions. “Changing” is a brooding track that explores the psyche of personal reconciliation and turbulence of romantic relationships.

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