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Worst Nightmare drops “Extraterrestrial” proving he’s not from this planet

“I’m an Extraterrestrial, bitch i’m no fucking millennial, I don’t fuck with any crazy hoes, the shit I be spittin’ is alien bro” – Worst Nightmare

Worst Nightmare is an artist who was raised in Mexico but made in Houston. With various influences from black metal to hip hop. He has shared stages with punk bands AND hip hop legends like Deltron 3030 and ESG of SUC.

His aggressive style compliments the darkness of the beats he chooses and is sure to get the crowd jumping with his performances. His new EP “I Am Demon” will be released soon under an up and coming Houston label Wormhole Records.

Producer Wretched Beats displays his talent displaying both energy and finesse in this minor key driven “spooky” instrumental.

From the beginning of the track, you can hear the deep “H-Town” influence Worst Nightmare has had over the years. At the same time a raspy growl sticks to his voice like glue, distorting each bar with a horror-esque filter.

Definitely one of the leaders of the Grvnge movement in Houston, Worst Nightmare has been working in the music scene for more than half a decade putting in work and earning his place. The track jumps straight into the first hook and never loses speed throughout, barreling through with a hype, almost punk rock, energy.

With features from other touring acts such as Houston native NVTVS & iLLFaded, a strong image, and a unique, heavy, Houston hip hop/Hardcore sound, this writer sees this artist going big places.

We sat down with Jesse Cardoso / Worst Nightmare for an interview and he agreed despite his busy schedule.

K: Hey, there Jesse, thanks for agreeing to an interview, I know you’re out here working 6 jobs. So I wanted to start with hearing how long you’ve been doing this and where you started?


WN: Haha yeah man I work all over the damn city apparently. I’ve been a musician for about 11 years. Starting with punk/metal/grind bands doing vocals. I started rapping about 2013. Moving back to Houston made me realize how much variety we have in the city. First time I saw a rap/punk show ever. It definitely inspired me to take up rapping. I already loved hip hop at a young age. So I figured it was time to have a crack at it haha

K: Wow! 11 years? That’s a wild amount of time when you think about it, but as they say “Overnight success take ten years” In that time span what would you say the biggest moments for you have been?


J: Shit honestly. Since I started. Ive had some big moments happen randomly. Like 2 years in. I played with Deltron 3030 at scout bar. His guitarist was freaking Steve Aoki and his bassist was the bassist for the Mars Volta.


K: Holy shit! haha been popping from start, I love the Mars Volta. Well as your sound developed and you started rapping who were some of the biggest people that shaped you and influenced what Worst Nightmare has become?


WN: Oh man. There’s so many people I’ve looked up to since I was just a kid. When I first started I was only making more boom bap east coast style music. A lot of influence for me came from NY. Mf Doom, Mos Def, Gangstarr, etc. But I was also really into darker shit like Three6Mafia and Earl Sweatshirt. Overall, I listen to so many genres of music, that it molded me into the artist i am today.


K: Dope af. Well tell us more about “Extraterrestrial” and what it means to you.


WN: Well see when i first started. I was always the odd one out at rap shows. Everyone looked at me and automatically were like. “There’s no way this guy is at the right place” haha. But then I’d get on stage and people would be blown away by my skills. Since I always dressed way differently and always looked different from all the other rappers. I always felt like I wasn’t part of the scene but I was. So I saw myself as an alien.


K: Well that makes sense. You know, it’s been great talking to you dude, didn’t know half of these things haha. In closing why don’t you tell us what you have going on, what the fans have to look forward to?


WN: Haha well I’m glad you got me even talking about that stuff. Makes me remember some dope times! So right now I’m finalizing my EP with my manager, producer and the label manager for the label I will be dropping it on. The drop will be Sept 7th of course at Grvnge Fest at Warehouse Live! Also finishing up the designs for my merch as well. Which I’m stoked as hell about. And then Sept. 12th I’m playing with Lil Debbie at Houston Underground. Hopefully after the EP and merch drops, I’ll be able to start talking about a tour.
K: Well damn dude, looks like you have a busy schedule. You’ve always been good to me and I believe in what you got going on. I guess we’ll stop it there, good getting to know you Worst Nightmare!

WN: Big ups my g. You’re doing pretty damn well yourself with all the behind the scenes shit. Us artists couldn’t thrive if we didnt have dudes like you making moves. Thank you


You can find the song at: https://soundcloud.com/worstfuckingnightmare/extraterrestrial-prod-by-wretched-beats

And link with Worst Nightmare at: