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Tonoso Debuts With A Hypnotizing New Single

With the vast styles of music out there, it is always refreshing to hear something smooth and full of dynamic attention, done fresh. Emerging from Los Angeles is a new duo named Tonoso, and they have just dropped an incredible track for their first single, featuring vocalist Johnny Gr4ves. “The Wolf”, their debut release, is something very different from the masses, and here’s why you need to check them out.

Taking a first listen, you’ll be met with glittery keys and a watery atmosphere, which when put together with the vocals, turn into something else. Something to note about this duo is that not only are their melodies and ideas beautiful, but the production pulls off their ideas to another level. The level of nostalgia feeling you can have listening to this track is incredible considering how clean and precise it is.

The chorus “There ain’t no place, there ain’t no safe place to hide; The wolf gonna come and get ya” sends shivers down spines and makes this track one to remember. Johnny’s voice on the track goes from many influences and is in the pocket every step. As a personal fan of a fair bit of R&B/Trapsoul as well as Indie music, this tune feels like a cross between all of that, and it hits home hard.

Take a listen for yourself and make sure to follow these guys and stay up to date on what Tonoso has coming next! For any fans of deep, emotional, chillout music, this track is the latest addition to your daily rinse cycle.