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Maryland rapper, Lil Xelly, Drops Turn-Up Track “ME”

It wasn’t the most fruitful of summers for hip-hop; the last couple of months have had its ups and downs for the culture: the death of X anguished fans, Mac Miller’s passing rocked fans to their adolescent core, and the inflow of creatively lukewarm projects left avid listeners unfulfilled. The maelstrom of tragic headlines and stories left the hip hop community emotionally exhausted but there were exciting artists that were silver linings during this storm. Maryland rapper, Lil’ Xelly, is a name that has caught our attention so far in 2018. The Rockville product has dropped several projects this year and isn’t hitting the brakes anytime soon. His track, “ME,” is another banger with a hook that’s guaranteed to stick with listeners for weeks. Paired with Sparkheem’s production, Xelly’s flows and cadence are a hand-in-glove fit with the ear-quaking 808s, transposed hi hat rolls, and tense piano sample. Xelly’s adlibs are the meat of the track that add tenacity and turn-up energy in the same vein as influences Wifigawd, thekhan, louievgonjaa, and more. If you are looking for new music to turn-up or chill to, Xelly is an artist that’s worth your time and your Soundcloud follow. Check out “ME” here: