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Emo Nite Day • Los Angeles

Every Nite is Emo Nite, but once in a blue moon comes the legendary Emo Nite Day. Featuring Dashboard Confessional, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Travis Barker (of Blink 182), 30H!3, Captain Cuts, GothboiClique, Boyfriendz, Gnash, Scotty Sire, Nedardb, Saphir, Isabella Amarga, Dem Ham Boyz, Celestia, Mirsy, The Return of Nosferatu & many more!

As a huge supporter of this scene we can’t help but be drawn to the music made by GothboiClique, Boyfriendz, Nedarb, Saphir, Mirsy and many other talented and accomplished musicians at the annual event located at the Shrine, in Downtown Los Angeles. We are coming out to document this monumental moment in music history, and hope you will too.

Keep it locked and watch this space for exclusive interviews and footage from the show during, and after the event.

Visit: http://emoniteday.com/ for more information – Saturday October 13 Los Angeles