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Gentlemens Club – Goes Like [Bassrush Records]

As an old skool bass head I remember seeing Coffi play underground shows in Los Angeles as he rose out of the underground into the legendary group that is now known as Gentleman’s Club. If you’re not familiar, it is comprised of Coffi (Lewis Pittham), Soloman (Saul Mountford) and 50 Carrot (Armani Haskins).

This dynamic trio individually pioneered a specific sound and single handedly laid down the foundation for many dubstep producers to come before becoming the Gentleman’s Club we know today.

The trio was originally formed in 2013 and hail from the United Kingdom. Since then they have toured Europe, Australia, and North America.

It’s no secret that Gentleman’s Club is a bass heavy dubstep making machine known for producing some of the heaviest and most gut wrenching tunes this side of the bass spectrum. “Goes Like” is the fourth project they have released this year. Followed by “Freak” a collaboration with Borgore in February.

Keep an eye out for their November 3 headlining show in Los Angeles, they’ll be dropping the bass at the one and only Belasco Theatre and have a slew of upcoming tracks, shows, and releases on the way. Watch this space for more info on Gentleman’s Club and peep the track below for some proper goodness.

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