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ASTARRBOY and Guap Tarantino don’t play around.

ASTARRBOY has just dropped “WHY?” featuring Guap Tarantino and this track is a pure ace. That feeling you get when you hear a perfect song that just has it all there, that’s what comes through when hearing this absolute heat. When hearing this tune, you know these guys are the new MVPs.

What makes this collaboration so special is how new both of these artists are. The beat is A tier with that deep plug beat feel, but ASTARRBOY and Guap cover it in a way almost reminiscent of 88Glam and Gunna, all their own at the same time, not to mention how well produced the vocals are. At first listen you’ll already be itching to hit replay whether you like trapsoul/cloudrap/Migos/underground rap or Drake. This track has touching elements from everywhere, and brings it all home in a tasteful treat.


ASTARRBOY is a bit mysterious and has recently come up with a handful of serious quality including tracks featuring Nessly, 24hrs, and envyNV. Taking a look on his Soundcloud you’ll see he’s 6 for 6 on dishing us top quality tracks and only releasing these all as of the last 4 months. Guap Tarantino hailing from¬†Kirkwood, Georgia; has also made recent waves including a full EP with NAV and multiple singles with the likes of Young Thug, Future, Gunna, and more. Long story short, these guys are making power moves, and if you don’t know them now, they’ll make sure you will very soon.


Check out “WHY?” on Spotify for yourself if you want to hear something truly fresh. Be sure to hit that save too, you will NOT be disappointed.


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