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New @300 Signee @TheeStallion Sits Down With @NylaSymoneee On @Power1051 To Discuss New Music, “Tina Snow” And Her Influences

Two rising females on two completely different sides of the game have come together for quite an interview. If you haven’t heard of either Nyla Symone or Megan Thee Stallion we definitely suggest doing your research. Nyla Symone is some of the latest talent and energy over at New York’s power house radio station Power 105.1. Garnering co-signs from legendary DJs and voices such as Angie Martinez, Charlamagne and DJ Clue, Nyla Symone future is very promising as not only a DJ but a key player in the music scene. Splashing on to the scene in New York isn’t the easiest but Nyla Symone has done so with an absolutely undeniable grind from her “Top 5” Instagram segment, airtime on one of the largest hip hop stations in the world, her own interview series at Power and much more.

Now if you haven’t heard of Megan Stallion, it’s time to come out from under that rock. The Houston bred female artist has been on a mission since she entered the game providing an arsenal of records that have certainly gone viral. With standout records such as “Stalli”, “Last Week In HTx” and influences such as Pimp C and many other legends, you can see and hear how Megan sets herself apart from the other females in the music industry. Grinding more than ever, Megan Thee Stallion seems to be picking up steam as she enters the new year. Recently signing to 300 Entertainment, Megan Thee Stallion has made it clear that she will be closing out 2018 strong and looks to become one of the biggest females of this generation in 2019.

Watch as Megan Thee Stallion hits New York and links with Nyla and sits down to speak on everything from her new singing, latest album, influences and just what a “Hottie” is. Check it out below!

Looking to take a listen to Megan? Check her latest project titled, “Tina Snow” here.