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umru’s “Search Result” Is a Pop-Bending Algorithm

Back in May, we were given a glimpse of umru’s forthcoming debut EP “Search Result” when he dropped the textural pop opus, “sticky,” with Raveena Golden. Seven months later, we are now treated to the entire full-length project and the hype is much deserved. umru’s dazzling rise in the industry has been a spectacle not often seen nor done by those his age. At just 19 years old, he has had one of the biggest splashes of any artist in 2018. umru has become an overarching brand of quotable tweets, viral memes, hilarious Tik Tok videos, and of course, music. “Search Result” delivers a sound championed by those at PC Music, a label synonymous for supporting futuristic pop acts, but with a strikingly different approach.

It’s hard to describe the unique sounds that dominate the sonic tunnels of this EP, but artists such as SOPHIE come to mind. I tend to imagine each song as a musical sculpture erected from processed sounds you wouldn’t normally hear in most electronic music. The marriage of dense, industrial production and soft, processed vocals make for an electronic voice that’s distinct to umru. A personal favorite off this EP is the fiery, adrenaline-fueling “popular” with osno1 and Laura Les. With a drop that’s as hard as it is tender, the song is a sparkling compound of emotion that is both riveting and melancholy. For me, it’s a vibe that captures the sociologies of smartphone culture, technology, and the internet. As with most of the songs on this EP, umru has alchemized a sound that feels malleable, kinetic, and sticky. It’s like listening to matter undergo all three of its states. As an ambassador and architect for this boundary-pushing sound, it is exciting to see where umru will grow from here. Listen to the EP here: