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Mark Redito & Ehiorobo Join For Inescapably Catchy Single “Right There”

Back in April, we caught up with Filipino producer, Mark Redito, for his plush, digital pop single “Cloud Keep” with Abbi Press. Now, in early December, we are gifted another musical elixir of dance pop that feels vintage yet new with his latest single “Right There,” with New Jersey musician, Ehiorobo. Delivering growly basses, punchy dance percussion, and glossy synths, Redito’s production inherits the familiar charm and spirit of his previous songs but with ear-catching groove and grit this time around. It transports listeners back in time but champions a sound that suspends it. The track feels connected to Mark’s other tunes that illustrate themes of digital engagement, technology, and the future. Like “Cloud Keep,” Mark’s endearing and distinct, electronic sound bends social commentary against digital culture by bringing out the innocence and enjoyment of it. Ehiorobo’s vocals and vibrato provide character and opulence that make up the body of the track. His playfulness with pitch fits the fun and bouncy personality the track emotes. The two complement each other seamlessly to create a song that ties with Mark’s other songs and will have listeners downloading to toss in their sets. Check out the song’s exclusive release on Kitsune right here: