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Watch Skrizzly Adams New “Resurrect Me” Video

Promising New Jersey Blue-Eyed Heartthrob Skrizzly Adams has been establishing a name for himself as a new sensation since early-2018. His current single, “Resurrect Me” buzzing on the indie scene, the new artist links up with NF-famed director Patrick Tohill to further his campaign with the visual presentation for the latest.

Tohill brought the visual concept to Adams with the idea of a deeper purpose. While the song has a variety of different meanings to different people, it seemed to evoke the same emotions among its listeners; this treatment really took those emotions and put a positive and empowering message behind it, while shedding some light on some very important topics.

Backstory on Skrizzly Adams, singer/songwriter/producer, his sound shares vivid stories through a lens of pop bombast, rock energy, and thick hip-hop production, he nods to a holy trinity of Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, and Johnny Cash by blazing an uncharted trail. Known for his unique sound, Adams has garnered early praise from high-profile figures such as Perez Hilton and super producer Boi-1da.

“I play by my own rules,” he exclaims. “You don’t choose music; it chooses you. For me, it’s all about building a catalog that will speak to people and they’ll continue coming back to it. I want to deliver as much music as possible directly to the fans. That’s my mantra as an independent artist. I want to stay out on the road and remain grassroots, so I can really create something great.”

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“Resurrect Me” by Skrizzly Adams is available now on Spotify.