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Beyond Wonderland 2019

As I entered the enchanted paradise that is Beyond Wonderland, I couldn’t help but be filled with positive vibes from everyone that was rapidly filling up the National Orange Show in San Bernardino. The lights glistened upon the lake and the event was in full effect. Moments after walking into the Queen’s Domain a pack of Insomniac performers, dressed as mystical cats grabbed me and took me a long for a rave train ride. We circled the stage, went around and grabbed random headliners who looked a little bored. Before we knew it our rave train had grown to over 20 people, after making the rounds and bringing smile to people’s faces we circled back and dispersed into the crowd.

First moments inside Beyond Wonderland were officially magical. Other than the friendly experience creators the production was top notch, with 4 official stages and and a few art cars to boot. Next stop, Camo & Krooked. I just headed off into the direction of the Mad Hatter’s Castle Hosted by the one and only BASSRUSH. As I proceeded to skank to the heaviest drum and bass riddims brought forth by the onslaught of a duo that is Camo & Krooked, I began to take a look around to see if there was anyone I recognized. I did see a few familiar faces, but the majority of the people there that night were new. It’s always great to see people dance to drum and bass, and I love Insomniac for always supporting the genre and exposing it to the new generation of ravers that continue to flood into these events every year. After dropping many of their well known tracks, I ventured off for a drink at the Insomniac VIP lounge. It was filled with fun surprises and cool activities. I’ve been raving since 2007 but I never got an official “Rave Name”. I figured now was the time. I walked up to the 5 cent rave name booth and put 5 cents on the table. “I hear you guys give dank rave names”. I said to the two people at the booth.

“That’s right! Tell me about your self” said the happy Insomniac worker at the booth. “Well I mainly came to catch the Bassrush stage and i’m also here writing an article on my experience.” She pondered over what I just said and wondered what kind of name I should get. She proceeded to ask me what my favorite genre is, “Drum & Bass of course”, and decided that my new rave name is now Rush Writer.

She put a name tag on me with my new found rave name, and off I went to explore the rest of the VIP area. In case you don’t already know, Beyond Wonderland is an Alice in Wonderland themed music festival. Which is why I was elated to find an IRL Tea Party. There was free tea, lanyards, chocolate cupcakes, guides, and even a scavenger hunt. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get VIP at Insomniac event, just do it. The short wait time for the rest rooms along with the cool interactive experiences make it all worth while. Not to mention the amazing views you get of the stage and all of the cool photo opportunities.

I figured I should live up to my new rave name and go on a hunt to find more bass music. I’m a junglist at heart and it’s what I live for, so it’s the main Genre I hoped to find. As I exited the VIP stage I heard a slew of back to back dnb drops but scratched my head as I tried to figure out who the DJ was. It looked like Carnage, could it really be? The Trapstyle DJ from 2013 is now dropping heavy bass tunes? It was! I was extremely surprised and immediately ran into the Queen’s Domain to dance the night away. He was playing everything from dubstep, to drum and bass, to trance, and of course some Trapstyle. Carnage had officially regained his status in my eyes, and look forward to seeing him again. Looks like he’s officially crossed over to the “bass side”.

After experiencing much of the main stage I wanted to see what the Underground side of Insomniac has to offer. I went off to the Art car shaped like a ship and followed the sounds of drum and bass. At last! Another DNB DJ, named Merlin. Dropping heavy jungle sounds and proper bass rhythms continuously throughout the night. Drum & Bass is alive and well at Insomniac Events, you just need to know where to look, so for any junglists reading this. Come, dance your butt off and join us. You’re all welcomed here.

I discovered a new artist after filling my heart up with heavy bass music, he goes by the name I_O and is a cyber techno warrior dropping consistent bass line and solid dark techno. For anyone looking for cyber / hacking inspo this is the the perfect DJ. It looked as if someone had hacked the side stage and this rogue DJ had taken control..

Who was he? Is he new? How come I’ve never heard of him? Well I began to do my research as soon as I got home and I gotta tell you. This is it chief, he’s the future of cyber techno rave and keep an eye out for him in the future. He’s next.