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Valerie Lighthart Shows Trinergy What A Remix “Mean To Me”

Popular new recording artist Valerie Lighthart is paying it forward with the release of her remix version to her original work called “Mean To Me”. The remix is set to feature a fresh face in music and display their refreshing new sound.

Nabs Tringergy, a new star on the rise, “Mean To Me” is an enticing standout filled with a well-blended element of catchy dance sounds. Respective style, charisma and much more, the collaboration are instantly gratifying for both acts and fans alike.

Lighthart on “Mean To Me”:

“Mean To Me is a pop celebration of heartbreak. Dark lyrics lie contrasted against an upbeat tune chronicling the demise of a fling. The tracks paint a petulant image carried by a surly melody and dancey rhythm.”

The original song was released on a 2018 four-track EP, titled, V A L. Along with the potential remix, the EP features breakout track, “Doe Eyes”. Tringergy on working with Lighthart.

“I was just immersed in the work on it and could not stop listening to it. Valerie’s magical vocals immersed me in a beautiful time.”

Valerie Lighthart‘s “Mean To Me” is apart of an upcoming remix EP by the rising star. Stream it now, “Mean To Me (Remix)” is available via N43 Records.