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Stream New Chris Maze Single “The Eyes”

Popular Pittsburgh DJ Chris Maze enters the Fall with a vibrant new House hit, titled, “The Eyes”. On OFDM Records, the new song is a follow up to Chris original productions with Aural Sex, OFDM, Cream Dance, Groovy Bone and Cruise Ctrl.

“The Eyes” is a deep dive into Maze’s encapsulating riveting moods and technical prowess. Equipped with his signature sound of house, with a focus on creating fun, energetic songs while providing his own unique style to his productions.

Chris Maze on “The Eyes”:

“ My idea for The Eyes was to make it sound like a science experiment. I included a lot of sci-fi sounds and fx, and a vocal about brains being absorbed through the eyes. It’s quite a weird song in many ways, but weird is one of the best ways to describe myself and my music is an extension of who I am.”

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