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Tetrix Bass ‘Keep It Real’ on New EP

Dubstep sensation Tetrix Bass nabs fellow up-and-coming recording artist MagMag for his new project, properly-titled, Keep It Real. Aiming to please, Tetrix Bass evolves his sound and generates a magnetic attraction easily explored by newly discovered fans.

On the 4-track EP, Tetrix boast variety and versatility as he shows how he can flex. The EP conveys a reasonable style and delivers quality bass to audience members who are waiting for it.

Tetrix Bass on the new project and favorite song.

“ Yalla is a special track combining two different minds from two countries distant in all aspects, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The track features an original belly dancing theme and powerful bass that you won’t be able to get out of your head. This track is a beautiful example of how music overcomes every possible border, limit or language!.”

Listen to the complete EP below on SoundCloud. For more on Tetrix, follow the rising star on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.