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Valerie Lighthart’s “Mean To Me” Gets MIDNIGHT CVLT Remix

After releasing two previous remixes for her new song, “Mean to Me,” promising singer Valerie Lighthart drops the third version curated by up-and-coming act Midnight CVLT.

For this remix, Valerie enlists Midnight create a respectable crossover sound that separates completely from the previous remixes by The Brig and Trinergy. Supported by a three-pack EP, the new song is not only unforgettable but infectious from the moment the bass drops.

Valerie on the collaboration:

“Mean To Me is a pop celebration of heartbreak. Dark lyrics lie contrasted against an upbeat tune chronicling the demise of a fling. The tracks paints a petulant image carried by a surly melody and dancey rhythm.” 

“Working on this remix has been super fun,” Midnight CVLT on making the remix. “I was amazed by the vocal the first time I got to hear it. The original track feels so elegant and quiet, so I thought to make the opposite. Trap beats and crunchy basses – worked very well with Valerie’s voice. Definitely my favorite so far.”

“Mean to Me” is available now via N43 Records.

Stream “Mean to Me” by Midnight CVLT below.