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Premiere: dEVOLVE Nabs Craigy T For New Hit, “Pound 4 Pound”

Florida’s dEVOLVE has been a mainstay on our platform for a few years now. Continuously delivering consistent dance tunes and constantly evolving himself as a recording artist. As he showcases his diversity, today we get his latest and potentially his best work yet in the vintage electro sounding new single, titled, “Pound 4 Pound”.

Bouncy, original, upbeat, dEVOLVE hits the dancehall and collaborates with the accomplished act Craigy T on the new single which has the Jamaican artist deliver his own unique blend of tropical-meets-electronics. The track is a hard-hitting trap banger with Jersey bounce elements and blistering horns. Perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan.

dEVOLVE on making “Pound 4 Pound”:

“The original vocals that Pound 4 Pound was built around were actually recorded in the same sessions that led to Put It On! For over a year I’ve been trying out various versions as a work-in-progress and now we finally nailed it down!”

Another big-time premiere, stream the new single below on Soundcloud.