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Cashmerely – “Wizard Of Ounces (LP)

Starting off the year with new music, independent artist & entrepreneur Cashmerely has just released his latest project, ‘WIZARD OF OUNCES‘. It’s his first full release since his last project, KILLJOY. The project is executive produced by Cashmerely but has production from Grammy Nominated Producer Young Kio, Nard and B, Hozay Beats, DJ Shawdi P, and more

WIZARD OF OUNCES is a project that I have always wanted to do when it comes to releasing a project with that title. I had started the project over 3 different times as I was working on it because I didn’t know which direction I wanted to go in as far as the content and types of records I wanted to use. Eventually I figured out how I wanted the tape to be received by listeners and started focusing more on what I want people to consume from me that they didn’t get on any other projects.” Cashmerely says.

Three Sixty is one of those records I was trying to have fun with , says the 30 year old entrepreneur. “I listen to my music and like to compare it to others to gauge how I am as an artist and I don’t really have any club type records so I reached out to Sweetface a female artist from Birmingham Alabama to do a verse on it and she knocked it out for me. It’s the only feature on the tape but she was a perfect fit for the record.”

The project is going to set the tone for Cash’s 2020, KILLJOY, was released in the summer of 2019. “Releasing music has never been an issue for me it’s always been the marketing and promotion. I announced this project in September of 2019 and was hoping to have it released in December but then I made new records, scrapped records and was trying to figure out new ways to market. After KILLJOY I was stuck because I had just released a bag of potato chips to go along with the tape and wasn’t sure what I was going to do differently this time.”