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Philly Great Kantor Is Different on New Song, “Hacker”

Kantor, also known as Greg Kantor, is an accomplished Electronics sound that has built up an esteemed resume over the years and continues to be one of the most popular sounds in Dance. His love for video games created a signature sound that is the most sought after and featured on his new single, titled, “Hacker”.

Experimenting on this one. “Hacker” blends the popularity of the revolutionary video game, DanceDanceRevolution with a structured song that displays a beginning, build-up and climax. Gritty synths and squeaky-clean production come at a crossroads as the thumping house beat soon takes you on an eclectic journey that uniquely frames Kantor.

Kantor on making “Hacker”:

“This is the first song from my discography that fully combines elements of both Techno and Bass music, as well as the first record to be inside the full CGI world of Kantoria,” he says about the new song. “This hybrid of both genres will continue to showcase itself through more records in various ways and I am happy to show the world what I’ve been working on for a very long time.”

In his 10-year run, Kantor has delivered an astonishing catalog of hits, collectively called Kantoria. Followed by a legion of followers on Instagram, join the crowd and stay up-to-date on everything Kantor today.

“Hacker” is streaming now on Soundcloud.